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A weekly breakdown featuring the stupidest crimes of the week, committed by everyday idiots.

Mike and co-host Brooks Wheelan also discuss power moves in the world of food, sports, music, and share tales of questionable behavior from themselves and listeners.

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Jan 30, 2020

Mike and Gnarly discuss a mystery doo doo woman, a guy who showed a judge his doob smoke style, and two women involved in a shrimp deal gone wrong.


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Jan 23, 2020

Gritty is in hot water, Psycho Dad lights up a HS wrestler, a cheap scumbag assaults a BK worker with his phone, and some guy is living in a grocery store ceiling.


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Jan 16, 2020

Guy breaks into Taco Bell for Christmas dinner and a nap, yoga teacher destroys an idiot who wouldn't stop using his phone at the movies, and an old man shoots an apartment worker over water damage.

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Jan 9, 2020

The boys are back in town for 2020 with this extended ad free episode.

Scum beats it at 'Bee's, BK employee pulls a gun, Mickey D's sauce rage, Black Sabbath Christmas Maniac, lotto ticket masterminds, and a landlord gets doused with doo doo.

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