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A weekly breakdown featuring the stupidest crimes of the week, committed by everyday idiots.

Mike and co-host Brooks Wheelan also discuss power moves in the world of food, sports, music, and share tales of questionable behavior from themselves and listeners.

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Apr 28, 2022

Miggy hit 3000, the Yankees are trash, Mike Tyson airplane beat down, a woman got stuck in an outhouse toilet, an old guy tried to kill a dog walker on the 15th hole, and a slapper almost died from tugging it. Brido rides successfully. 

Bonus PREGAME episode:

Apr 21, 2022

An apology is demanded from HBO's Winning Time, a racist street wizard is running amock, and a bunch of little kids got loaded at school. Brido is a delight as usual.

Enjoy the Pregame program:

Apr 14, 2022

We're back in the home studio with your boy Brido for a guy who scams Wendy's with a fake badge for 2 years, a woman who claims her uncontollable pooping made her commit vehicular homicide, and real piece of garbage who tugged it 4 times on a flight for all to see.

Pregame this week is...

Apr 7, 2022

This is as raw as it gets, Daddies. Thank you to The Lincoln Lodge, Adam, Sean, 80's, Kate, Mark Geary, Chicago, and you guys for being the best.

Also, here's a 2 hour Pregame with Brido for the backers. All love: