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A weekly breakdown featuring the stupidest crimes of the week, committed by everyday idiots.

Mike and co-host Brooks Wheelan also discuss power moves in the world of food, sports, music, and share tales of questionable behavior from themselves and listeners.

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Jan 26, 2023

The bitch is back! Thank you to Brido and Brooks for not burning the house down last week while I was gone. Cops only had to come twice. Please enjoy this hour of whatever it is. I'm sure you'll find it nothing short of spectacular.

Luv yew, 


Jan 19, 2023

While I'm on vacation, I left Brooks & Brido without supervision. Hopefully the police weren't called. The Power Moves offices can't handle another visit from Child Services. Let me know if they broke anything or called some 1-900 numbers.



Jan 12, 2023

Once again I thought we had nothin' but it always works out beautiful. I need to try to not worry so much. Enjoy!


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Jan 5, 2023

This is very chill episode filled with good vibes and mall talk (except for lighting up Skip Bayless who deserves it) to start the year. Enjoy it!

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