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A weekly breakdown featuring the stupidest crimes of the week, committed by everyday idiots.

Mike and co-host Brooks Wheelan also discuss power moves in the world of food, sports, music, and share tales of questionable behavior from themselves and listeners.

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Nov 27, 2019

Happy 'Ving! Papa John's getting weird, BK Zesty Sauce shortage, McDonald's worker lawsuit, burrito jacked, Florida man faces down an AK and wins.

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Nov 21, 2019

Vegan suing BK for tainted Impossible burgers, cocaine flew in man's window, 3 trashed judges brawl at White Castle, perv tricks people into changing his dirty diaper.


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Nov 14, 2019

Michigan guy gets smoked by a battle axe, Nantucket Mickey D's gets you high, creepy high school student tapes a guy having alone time, and an update on the Chili's bank robber. 

@GnarlyZack keeps company.


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Nov 7, 2019

Don't cut in line at Popeye's, responsible citizen avoids DWI with Walmart's help, Chili's bank robber fashion, and a toilet vandal is on the loose in Virginia.

Gnarly Zack is back in your arms.